Klim Line Increased By 32 Percent

Fills more specific functionality requirements of riders

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Rigby, Idaho - As snowmobilers, our gear requirements are very specific to the type of riding we do, but also differ from one rider to the next. A garment that works well for one rider may not work well for another. That's why the clothing we wear needs to be built more precisely and accurately to fit our needs and give us the protection we require.


Although each rider may have different needs, the fundamental requirements built into our clothing are the same and go beyond fashion. On a basic level, our clothing is able to provide comfort and protection from the elements. This is the foundational functionality of Klim's technical outerwear.


Klim has been working hard on a continuing basis to more fully understand the rider's needs. As snowmobilers, we are now taking our sleds farther, faster, higher and deeper into the backcountry than ever before. As a result, our regular "riding" gear has become "survival" gear.


To fulfill the requirement of protecting riders by providing the ultimate in protection while also creating a garment that specifically fills the functionality requirements of the rider, Klim has increased its clothing line this year by 32 percent. Klim only accepts quality of materials and workmanship that are at the cutting edge of what is technically possible in the textile industries, which makes it possible for the Idaho-based company to offer an uncompromised product to its customers. Klim adapts the latest technologies and manufacturing processes into its products in order to fill specific functionality and protective requirements that riders have never had access to before.


New for Fall 2010, is the Klim Keweenaw Parka ($359.99), a highly technical insulated Gore-Tex  parka which meets the needs of the rider who requires uncompromised waterproofness, ultimate protection from bitter-cold weather and unrestricted movement through the use of a new category of Thinsulate Insulation.


The Klim line will also include the new Impulse Gore-Tex Jacket ($249.99), a stealthy option that includes all of the comfort that Gore-Tex and Thinsulate Insulation have to offer.


Watch for more information on Klim's full, new product line, which will be available this fall.

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