Product Review: Polaris Backcountry Riding Shirt

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(ED-We weren't able to include the following product review in an issue of SnoWest Magazine due to space issues so we're running it here.)


Here at SnoWest Magazine we have the opportunity to try a wide variety of snowmobile clothing from base layers to mid layers to full snowmobile suits to helmets. We admit we like most of the clothing we try but not everything.


The difference usually boils down to something very simple: does it keep us warm and dry. If a piece of clothing doesn't, it usually ends up hanging in the closet for a long time.


That isn't the case with the Polaris Backcountry Riding Shirt. This mid layer shirt works well between a jacket or coat and a base layer. We have worn it often in different riding conditions all season long (actually, we wore it part of last season as well) and found it works in all those conditions.


The Backcountry Riding Shirt is proof positive that clothing technology has come a long way.


The long-sleeve shirt features a partial front zipper and is made of 100 percent polyester. It does have a small collar that goes about halfway up your neck. There is also a small front pocket (with a zipper) on the chest area. The shirt is available in black/gray or red/gray and in sizes S-2XL.



We found the Backcountry Riding Shirt to be a perfect mid layer piece. It's not too heavy or thick and it breathes well when we're working hard in the deep powder. It's still thick enough when using a base layer and a decent jacket to keep warm on colder days.


It's a nice looking shirt, too, one that you can wear just as a shirt when you're out and about whether you're sledding or not.


Some might consider this shirt to be a base layer but we use it as a mid layer piece. 



The only downside we could find was that if you ride one of the other brands of sled and wouldn't be caught dead wearing something that says "Polaris" on it. Other than that, there were no problems with this shirt.


How To Get A Hold Of A Polaris Backcountry Riding Shirt

The Backcountry Riding Shirt price starts at $49.99. Contact your local Polaris dealer or log on to The shirt is found in the base layer section in the snowmobile apparel area.

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