Learn To Ride Better With Mini's Back Country Basics

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Amber Holt of Mini's Back Country Basics and Bear Creek Lodge in McCall, ID, now offer full instructional vacation packages. Professional backcountry snowmobile instructor Amber Holt and Bear Creek Lodge cater to private parties, couples, kids, clubs, organizations, corporate, special needs and large group clinics.


Starting as little as $200 a day, guests have personalized instruction and premier lodging accommodations. Packages includes everything from hot meals, pet friendly rooms with comfortable king size beds with in room fireplaces and spas, on site sled gas and even a brand new sled can be provided for those traveling without their sleds.


Holt has been providing fundamental instructional riding technique clinics since 2008. She takes pride on a 100 percent success rate of taking that novice level trail type rider and providing him with the solid skills to execute a sidehill maneuver, downhill carving techniques and an understanding of how to utilize their sled's chassis design to work for them confidently within two to three days of instruction.


Bear Creek Lodge's very comfortable upscale facility provides an ideal learning platform so that Holt may provide a non-intimidating environment for that beginner to intermediate rider at a very affordable price. 


"My students leave with confidence, knowledge and basic backcountry skills in a matter of a few days," Holt told SnoWest. "People are not coming to just `go for a ride,' they are coming with expectations to `learn the basics' to safely enhance their experience while riding in the backcountry on their own. It is my job to make sure that daily 8-hour clinic experience is fun and it is Bear Creeks Lodge's focus to make sure they are pampered throughout their stay."


She continued, "All the clients do is drive through Bear Creek Lodge's gate and everything else is taken care of from then on. It's that easy. When they leave, they depart with accomplished fundamental backcountry basics riding skills, techniques and are hooked for life."


For more information, contact Bear Creek Lodge (208) 634-3551 or (208) 634-6424 or www.bearcreeklodgemccall.com/ or Amber Holt (509) SEE-MINI (509-733-6464)



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