Snobunje Pulling Tools Now Available At Yamaha Dealers

Published in the January 2010 Issue New Products

SnobunjeGetting a sled unstuck is now as easy as walking into your local Yamaha dealer thanks to an agreement between Yamaha Motor Corporation and Snobunje.

Snobunje's mountain-essential Rattler and Cobra extraction and pulling tools are now in the Yamaha accessory catalog. The Rattler is a tool that uses very strong stretch cords bundled in a corrugated vinyl tube. It has a hook on one end that attaches to the ski of the stuck sled and a handle on the other end. It maximizes the pulling forces your body can produce when pulling out a stuck snowmobile. The Cobra uses the same maximum pulling force principle but hooks up sled-to-sled and has a hook on both ends.

The Snobunje Slick Tape 20 and Turning and Adapter Strap are also in the catalog. These accessories make the pulling tools easier to use and even more functional.

For more information, see your local Yamaha dealer or go to and search "Snobunje."

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