10 Simple Ways To Improve Clutch Performance

Column Dustin Pancheri
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It seems like there is always one guy in every group whose sled runs just a little bit better than everybody else's. What does he do different than you? After all, you're running the same sled with the same parts, you have the same track and you even weigh the same.

The difference probably lies in the clutches.


Sometimes the best tuning practices for clutching are more than just running the proper weights or installing the right helix for your altitude. A lot of times clutch tuners forget that little things do affect clutch operation and ultimately their overall snowmobile performance and reliability. These little things are usually fairly easy and may not require a large investment, but simply just involve a little bit of time, attention and know-how.

Here are 10 simple practices to make sure your clutches are running at their full potential.


1.      Never spray any lubricant or cleaner on a clutch


The aluminum that clutch faces are manufactured from is a fairly porous metal and any type of chemical whether it be a lubricant or a cleaning liquid is going to be absorbed into the clutch faces to some degree. The problem with this is when the clutches are used and get warm, the tiny pores will release the slippery material, creating belt slippage and poor performance. To prevent this, never lubricate or apply any solvent based liquids or cleaners to any part of the clutches. When cleaning or servicing clutches, the last step should always be washing them in hot soapy water and then rinsing so that what is left is a nice clean surface to provide maximum traction to the belt.


2. Wash both the clutches and the belt in hot soapy water

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