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<em>Other</em> spots to ride your snowmobile

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BountifulIn the Western Guide to Snowmobiling that SnoWest Magazine published this fall, we highlighted and showcased nearly all the groomed trail systems in each of the western states.

But those aren't the only places to ride in the West. Not by a long shot.

Anyone who follows SnoWest on a regular basis knows we spend a fair amount of time talking about off-trail riding. In this issue we want to hit a few areas we've discovered either by snowmobile or through tedious research.

We'll admit right up front that all the possible riding areas in the West is pretty tough to nail down. We've spent hours researching all the places you can ride and we're sure the list doesn't come close but it's fun to try and find new places to ride. One thing that lets us know we don't have a complete list are other snowmobilers. Every year we hear from snowmobilers from across the West about some of their favorite (and secret) riding spots. And that is usually followed by, "But don't tell anyone else about it." We tend to heed that plea because we want to ride there someday and don't want to jeopardize our chances by blabbing it all over the snowmobile world.

In other words, this list is incomplete because we are keeping some of those sweet off-trail locations between us and those willing to share with us.

Following, in each state section, are snowmobiling locales that are somewhat already on the snowmobiling map. Most are accessible by sledders of any skill level but just know that there are many off-trail spots in the West that are for advanced riders only.

The places we discuss in these pages are off-trail riding places that might not necessarily be close to a groomed trail system so keep that in mind as you read through the various locations. If you decide an area or two appeals to you and you `d like to try it out, you may have to ride a shelled-out section of forest road or through some thick stands of trees or cross country to get there. Many areas are explore-as-you-go. So either find someone who knows the area or get yourself a trusty GPS.

That's our only disclaimer.

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