Installing A SledWraps Graphic Kit

Playing with stickers is (almost) always fun

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If you've shopped around for 
graphic wrap kits for your sled but were 
too afraid to actually put them on by 
yourself, we feel for you. It's an intimidating 
project. But, it's not as bad as 
you might think. Here's a step-by-step 
guide with a few tips to simplify the 
process. There are more tips and photos 

1 Our graphics from 
arrived rolled up on one sheet. We laid 
the sheet out flat and let it sit at room 
temperature overnight to flatten out.

2 Cut the individual pieces out and trim 
the paper backing right to the edge of 
the vinyl graphic for easier placement 
when you peel back the paper backing.

3 Here are all of the pieces of our wrap, 
cut and trimmed and laid out how they 
will go on the sled. You need to determine 
which piece you are starting with and 
know which pieces go where on the hood. 
We began our Arctic Cat M8 install with 
the hood center piece and worked out 
from there.

4 It's best to work with a room-temperature 
hood, whether that means removing 
the hood and taking it inside or warming 
up the garage. We installed our wrap on 
a C3 Composites carbon fiber hood, so it 
was easy to do the install indoors. Clean 
the hood with soap and water and then 
wipe down the hood with alcohol. If you 
removed stock graphics, you might need 
to use some adhesive remover to get 
all of the old junk off first, then wash the 
hood with soap and water and wipe down 
with rubbing alcohol.

5 Before you remove any paper backing, 
lay some of the graphics on the hood and 
tape them in place. Position the piece 
you are going to install first by taping one 
side of the graphic to the hood so that the 
other half can be folded up to remove the 
paper backing. 

6 Peel the paper backing back and cut 
(don't tear) it off to expose a portion of 

7 & 8 Use a flexible plastic tool, like 
a spatula, to work the graphic onto the 
hood and force out any air bubbles. Take 
your time.

9 On curved surfaces, work the graphic 
onto the longest, flattest surface first and 
then work it around the curves. Use a hair 
dryer or heat gun to get the vinyl to form 
around curves. 

TA-DAH On the M-Series hood, the 
most difficult piece of the wrap to install 
was the large side graphic. The best tip 
we have for this is to lay the graphic face 
down on a table. Peel the paper backing 
up from one end to about halfway back. 
Use a razor knife to slit the backing into 
three strips running lengthwise with the 
long graphic piece. Lay the backing back 
on the vinyl. Peel up the backing from the 
other end and finish the cuts. Then position 
the graphic on the hood and tape the 
top edge to the hood. Lift up the graphic 
and peel back an end of the center strip of 
backing paper, then work the center of the 
graphic onto the hood, front to back. This 
gets the graphic in place on the longest, 
flattest part of the hood surface. Once 
that's done, peel back the bottom piece 
of backing and work down from the center 
to adhere it to the hood. Do the same 
from the center up for the top portion of 
the graphic.

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