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Burandt Switching Sleds?

Sledheads Chris Burandt
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For those of you who are
NASCAR fans, you would have
found the commercial with
Dale Earnhardt Jr., announcing
he was changing his number
while a person was in getting
a tattoo of his old number kind
of funny. Well I did (though
I wasn't getting a tattoo).
Earnhardt would have been
crazy to leave what he had
and have to switch numbers to
a different team right? Well he
saw an opportunity and shook
the entire NASCAR community
by moving over to Hendrick
Motorsports and sporting the
number 88. What a move.
Then there was the whole
Brett Favre thing. After a
couple years of the Favre circus,
he ends up playing for the
very team he worked so hard
to beat for years. Favre also
saw an opportunity and it had
to feel pretty cool to have an
entire football franchise and
fan base welcome him with
open arms. And by the way, at
40 years old, he is having one
of the best years of his career.
Pretty cool.
So where is this conversation
going with regard to me?
Well, I also see an opportunity
and I'm going for it. For 2010,
I will no longer be riding an
Arctic Cat. Starting this year
my family, crew and sponsors
will be supporting me and
my move over to Polaris. The
times I have had with Arctic
Cat have been unbelievable.
The support and all the great
people I have met in my 10
years with Cat truly has been a
I have one more NASCAR
analogy. Sorry, I really dig that
sport, something about 850 hp
and going really fast is appealing.
Anyway, in NASCAR you
can be the best driver in the
world but without the support
of the team you will go
nowhere. This stands true
for me as well. Throughout
the years I feel that I have
assembled the very best team
which has been instrumental
in getting me to where I am
at today. It was very important
for me to be able to bring my
team along in the switch.
One very important piece
of the puzzle was going to be
keeping my sled builder (crew
chief) Erik Woog from Vohk
Performance on board. Woog
has built me some of the nastiest,
lightest sleds and is one
of the big reasons I am able
to do what I do on a snowmobile.
Woog and I have always
been a team and it will be no
different with me on a Polaris.
With the words, "Wherever
you go, I'm going." A new
page has been turned and the
future will forever be changed.
Look out trees, there is a new
color in town.
Along with Vohk
Performance, here is a look
at the rest of the team that
I have brought over with
me in the new venture. By
now you all know that I have
become addicted to boost.
So of course I will be rocking
Boondocker Turbos as well
as Fox Shox, Speedwerx, EZ
Ryde, SLP, Timbersled, Arctic
FX, Sled Solutions and Black
Diamond. In addition to all
of the sled product sponsors,
I can't forget about the rest
of my sponsors like Monster
Energy, Slednecks, Scott USA,
HMK, Klim, Skull Candy, Edge
Products, Kicker and ATS
Performance. With snow on
the ground now I can't wait
to take a rip on my Vohk-built
boosted Dragon.
I have never been so excited
for an upcoming season
as I am for this one. The new
challenge, the new people,
the new sleds and my new
team at Polaris . what a way
to start the year.
Let it snow!
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