How To Get Unstuck Via The "Roll Over " Method

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Rather than the old "stomp and drag" method where you tend to fight against the snow each time you tug on the ski, sometimes it's just easier to roll the sled over. In the first photo (#239) the rider and friend get on the low side of the sled.
Photo 2 (#244) shows them tilting it on its side. Notice how the track starts to pull out of the trench it has made.
In Photo 3 (#246) the track is out of the hole and the front of the sled is actually starting to swing downhill, which is what you want . a change in direction from pointing uphill to downhill.
By Photo 4 (#249) the sled is starting to roll and is totally out of the hole. In deep snow, the windshield and hood just push gently into the powder. However, if the snow is a little more set up, some prefer to remove the windshield rather than risk breaking it.
By Photo 5 (#252) the sled is out of the hole and already facing three-quarters down hill.
Photo 6 (#254) has the sled out of the hole and facing the proper direction. This should have only taken less than a minute and with a lot less sweat. Just brush the snow off your gauges, make certain the throttle and brake are free from any snow that could affect their functions and you're ready to ride.
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