Forty1Thirty Nytro

A one-of-a-kind sled for the BC backcountry

Sledheads Rob Alford
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Two years ago after I had snapped my 
Rev chassis in half I was talking to Curtis 
at Forty1Thirty about his new prototype 
chromoly chassis. He wanted someone to 
do some testing for him. He told me go 
ride it hard and try and break it. I had to 
have one after I saw how strong the frame 
was and how it handled. 

I was approached by Randy Swenson 
from Yamaha to ride a Nytro. It's easy to 
put a turbo on a sled and go fast but what 
I wanted was a machine that could boondock 
with no effort and have reliable big 
power to go where no one else can go. So 
we came up with this concept to build a 
"super sled," the ultimate mountain sled 
with the strongest chassis, best handling 
and lightest weight without compromising 
strength as well as run on pump gas. 
So Curtis designed the frame around the 
motor and turbo for centralized mass. It 
has the best handling traits of any sled I've 
ever ridden. 

The turbo system comes from Alpine 
Motorsports, but it needed some additional 
components to make it work for 
my type of riding. We had to put a catch 
tank on the oil breather from the sump 
tank and added the RB3 program. Curtis 
also changed the fuel system by putting 
in a second low pressure pump to a surge 
tank and a new flow-through regulator to 
eliminate air locks in the fuel rail which 
had been causing the sled to stall at some 
not-so-good times. 

We also changed the clutching around 
from the typical turbo setup to a more 
aggressive snocross style which eliminated 
the turbo lag. Curtis also made a new fuel 
map with better bottom end fuel delivery. 
The sled has an unreal bottom-end power 
delivery as well as insane top-end power. 
Basically, it is completely redesigned. 
I know Curt is now building the turbo 
system. Most of the big power sleds can 
climb with ease up steep faces, but with 
this sled you can pow carve up those 
steep faces, drop a cliff and carve back 

As for the chassis, the running boards 
are wide and super grippy and I never 
have to kick snow off them as snow never 
builds up. The chassis is rigid so the front 
and rear suspensions are way easier to 
dial in. Curtis also built a rear suspension 

seat with four inches of travel, plus the 
16 inches of travel in the EZ Ryde skid. I 
can take huge hits without worrying about 
a back injury. The sled has a direct drive 
system from RMI which works great with 
no chain issues. A lot of updates were 
done over the season and now Curtis has 
the frame jig complete and is producing 
the updated version of my sled.

Check it out at or 
(250) 335-1589.

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