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E3 PowerSport spark plugBig flame, big bang. That about sums up a new spark plug designed for snowmobiles.

Designed with DiamondFire technology, the E3 PowerSport spark plugs have entered the snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV and personal watercraft market focused on efficiency, energy and ecology. (Okay, so the ecology thing is sort of a company buzz word trying to appeal to the "green" technology. We realize that as snowmobilers, you are only interested in the "white" technology.)

But with a promise of "12 percent increases in horsepower" and "13 percent fuel reduction" the test staff at SnoWest Magazine knew we had to try these plugs out.

Efficiency-as stated, the bigger the flame, the bigger the bang. The E3 design features a diamond-shaped electrode with an open face. This creates more area for the spark to cover, thus allowing for a larger flame growth to allow for more efficient combustion.

The bigger flame leads to quicker ignition and easier starting. It also provides more efficient combustion on each and every spark.

Energy-each spark leads to a boom, thrusting the piston along its way in a two-cycle journey. Each boom is packed with power, which translates to instant action and reaction; with a larger flame, the more likely the ignition of the fuel. There is no waste.

This complete combustion also reduces the likelihood of carbon buildup on the electrodes that can lead to plug fouling.

Environment-you can talk fuel efficiency, consumption, etc., but the only environment we really care about is that bottomless fluff on a crisp winter day. Naturally, you want your snowmobile engine running at optimum performance. Anything less than that would be environmentally unfriendly.

Our tests of the E3 plugs could be measured as successful in the sense that our snowmobile engines worked flawlessly. Although it's nearly impossible to evaluate fuel economy in real life conditions (snow conditions can vary, elevations are a factor, etc.), we found our test sled ran crisp and strong all day.

For more information about the E3 spark plug, or for locations to buy the plug, go to:

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