The Sled Heads 4

Produced by Tahoe Films Film by Thomas Opre

February 2009 Feature Devin Hess Viewed 715 time(s)

Thomas Opre's "epic quest" to find, ride with, and film the biggest and best riders in the industry is another success. In Sled Heads 4 you get to watch Ross Mercer, Cody Borchers, Jared Sessions, Randy Swenson, Brett Turcotte, Kristy Martin (Miss Extreme contest winner), and Shawn Dinner (Be Extreme contest winner) pulling insane chutes, catching big air, and doing every other extreme riding style these riders are known for. The DVD has a chapter for each featured rider, which includes interviews with the riders, comments from those that know and have ridden with them, and then of course awesome sledding footage. The interviews are intermixed with riding scenes and music. I particularly liked hearing how each rider feels about snowmobiling, what others think of them and their respective riding styles, and learning a little about the personalities of these great athletes. Since this film is about getting to know the best riders in the business, I'll give you a sampling of some of my favorites:

Randy Swenson's section starts out with him saying, " I wont lie, I get scared; I have fear," but we all know he's lying since this guy is known for his insane climbs. This DVD shows Randy climbing mountains that would intimidate anyone else to paralyzing fear. Several of those interviewed attributed Randy's fearlessness to a certain part of his male anatomy, but let's be honest, Randy's success is because he is smart enough to understand the challenge, yet he is a tremendous athlete who believes in himself. That's what conquers fear.

The next rider in the film is Brett Turcoutte. As you watch the film, its obvious why Opre featured Brett; huge air ascents and massive drops. Brett won silver in the X games. Something I really liked learning about Brett was that he doesn't fit your typical sled riding stereotype. Brett doesn't have the big lifted truck. He just drives a small car, and Brett doesn't talk cocky. No, Brett talks with his sled, and he strikes me as the kind of person I would like to go riding with.

Boondockers' very own Jared Sessions is also one of the select few in the film. I think the quote by Dan Adams describes Jared very well. "He's climbed some stupid, stupid hills and is always running a turbo." Red Bull athlete Ross Mercer and reigning world distance champ says he's just living his dream. I can appreciate his dream. Another rider, Cody Borchers, is one of the smartest, smoothest and most well rounded riders out there. As you watch how very good Cody is at controlling his sled, there is no question why he is one of Opre's chosen riders. You also get to watch Team XV (extreme velocity). The riders in this team include Steve Martin, Heath Frisby, Blair Morgan, Dan Adams, Daniel Bodin, Dane Ferguson, Jimmy Blaze Fejes, and 12-year-old Brandon Cormier who is extremely good for his age. I'm pretty sure you can say Brandon is jumping bigger then any other 12-year-old out there.

Given the mix of featured riders, this film offers something for everyone as the footage includes climbing, jumping, dropping, big air, and some deep powder riding. No matter your riding preference, you're bound to really like some of the chapters and enjoy watching all the rest. The film's scenery was good with every shot showing you some awesome scenery, and the video clarity and close-ups keep you right in the action. The music in the film is hard rock, in fact, it's a steady very up beat kind of rock, and Opre never really slows it down or breaks it up to give your ears a rest. The film runs about 40 minutes long and would likely have a PG rating for some language.


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