Attitude Industries Closed Loop System

Published in the January 2009 Issue New Products
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Attitude closed loop systemThere is a new generation of Attitude Fuel controller. The new Attitude Industries Gen 3.5 brings in what many have been asking for some time now-a closed loop system. The new Attitude Industries Gen 3.5 uses other sensors like an O2 sensor, for example, to close loop the fuel system. This takes tuning out of the end user's hands and makes the Attitude 3.5 do more of the work.

The system actually calculates the information of the O2 sensor, builds and smoothes upon the stock fuel curve to your desired air/fuel ratio and it enhances the existing flaws that may be found in the system with its self-teaching programming. Using an extra sensor added to the EFI system actually makes your snowmobile even smarter than factory tuning. This lets you pipe, big bore or turbo an EFI snowmobile and allows for it to be a more hands-free EFI system.

Attitude IndustriesThe Attitude Industries Generation 3.5 does not stop there with its options. The Attitude 3.5 subtracts fuel up to 30 percent, unlike the Generation 3 that did not subtract more than 3 percent. The extra processing also calculates the fuel needs faster, which lets the Attitude 3.5 keep up and follow the factory system even better with higher resolution. New infrared programming makes it easier to change tuning with a PDA, cell phone or computer. Still with its LED display and carburetor tuning logic, the Attitude 3.5 is still easy to use and operate.

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