Wilderness Of Ice

Published in the December 2008 Issue December 2008 Feature Johnathon Duncan Viewed 576 time(s)

Wilderness of ice

Imagine a world of white: white sugary hills, surrounded with crisp and cold air. Flakes of intricate white ice float in the sky. Light breeze blows them in every direction, they swirl to the land. This cycle causes massive amounts of thick, heavy snow to coat the ground, like frosting on a cake.

When you are on top of the mountain, it's paradise. The only thing stopping you from getting anywhere is trees and rocks. No snow can keep you from going where you want to. Arctic wilderness is a never-ending maze of boondocking and chute climbing. Darkness is not an issue; we will be at it all day and night, clear weather or blizzard we keep riding. At the end of your trip you wonder what your moment of perfection was. Where did you risk it all for a good climb? What moments will you never forget? Perfection in snowmobiling is easily achieved, because most times everything is perfect. There isn't a moment of doubt; it's all about confidence and knowing your strengths and weaknesses. No hill is too steep, tall, or powdery. If you want to know what is on the other side, you find out. You just pin the throttle and hang onto cold mountain air. Riding is about energy and guts. There is no feeling better than riding your snowmobile.


(ED-Duncan, from Eaton, CO, submitted this piece to us that he wrote in a creative writing class at Eaton High School. In submitting this short piece to us, he said, "I love your magazine, and I love snowmobiling. I think that the piece I have written for submission fits your magazine because it captures the scene of snowmobiling, attracts readers and makes you want to go out and ride when you get done reading it. Over the past year, I have become a frequent writer. Most of the work that I do is about the outdoors and riding snowmobiles.")

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