Slednecks 11

Produced by Chris Brown and Clayton Stassart, Compound Films

December 2008 Feature Devin Hess Viewed 953 time(s)

Chris Brown and Clayton Stassart put together a great sledding film. The main theme of the movie is getting big air, either by dropping of huge cliffs or launching off massive jumps. They get you right into the action with intense helmet cam shots, and Geoff Kyle has some of the sweetest helmet cam scenes on the film. Geoff goes off some of the gnarleist drops I've ever seen on film, and viewing the drop through his helmet cam makes it feel like you're actually on the sled with him. They also included a whole chapter in the bonus menu of helmet cam footage that is really fun to watch.

Slednecks 11 gets you into the action of the Slednecks Invasion tour. As part of this tour, you'll get to see the world record jump shattered by Paul Thacker and some awesome freestyle jumps done by Aleksander Nordgaard, Kourtney Hungerford, and Sam Rogers. Then of course, Chris Brown and Clayton Stassart take you riding with some of the best athletes and sweetest sleds in the industry. This includes Chris Burandt riding a 440 pound M8 turbo that Burandt says is the most ridiculous sled he has ever ridden, and as you watch Burandt ride, you will believe him. Chris Brown himself drops over a gap and flies 180 feet down. that is quite a long drop. Brett Turcotte goes all out to entertain viewers with a huge wreck that sends him and his sled head over heels down the hill side by side. Turcotte also builds a jump at the edge of a cliff and then makes one of the biggest jumps I have ever seen. Finally you'll watch Randy Sherman put Polaris' 09 800 Assault, which is strictly made for boondocking and jumping, to the test. For the few days this Sherman had the sled he definitely pushed the sled to the limits on everything he did. Getting to ride a loaner sled from the manufacturer looks more fun than riding a rental with insurance.

The snow in 2008 was some of the best we've seen in several years, and Slednecks 11 shows this great snow with some of the deepest powder riding I've seen on film. The powder is so deep that you can't even see the rider or the sled when they come down the hill. All you see is a big cloud of snow flying, and every now and then a ski or a head pops out of the snow cloud. The bonus footage is just as fun to watch as the main film. They have a crash section where they show all their best wrecks, and a "vintage sled" section where they get a couple of old sleds and go ride them pretty dang hard, it all gets pretty funny. Slednecks 11 doesn't show many scenery shots as the film is basically just raw riding. The cinematography of the film was excellent. The music in this film is rock and some techno rock. It takes some getting use to but the music gets better as the film goes on. Amongst the pack of sledding films, Compound Film's Slednecks film series is one of the best, but as can happen in film series, film makers are not only competing against other producers, but also against previous year's films. Slednecks 11 is good, but I thought Slednecks 10 was a tough act to follow.

The film runs around 50 minutes long not including the DVD extras and is edited for all audiences.



Riders:                                      5

Featured Sleds:                         4

Scenery:                                   3

Cinematography:                       4

Audio:                                      3

Bonus Footage:                        5

DVD Overall Score:     4.0

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