Evolution Produced by 509 Films

A Tom Delanoy Film

December 2008 Feature Viewed 1012 time(s)

Evolution is a process of change and the natural selection of the best changes. The film's "Evolution" logo portrays the back country snowmobiler as the pinnacle of evolutionary achievement, and this latest 509 Film documents the evolving sport of backcountry snowmobiling in all its awe inspiring glory. However, after viewing this latest 509 Film, the "Evolution" title also aptly describes Tom Delanoy's achievement in snowmobile film making. Snowmobile technology advancements combined with great athletes allow any back country sledding video maker to feature ever improved sledding action, but only a few make really good motion pictures. With 509 film's backcountry motion picture "Evolution," Tom Delanoy has clearly set himself apart as one of the elite few that can make a riveting and entertaining sledding motion picture.

The DVD starts with a great slide show of "cold shots" behind the main menu. I think this is the first time that I've actually watched the menu rather than just trying to find the "play" or "scene select" buttons. Of course, I have to mention the "Extras" menu background, which is such a fantastic picture that I leave it up as a background on my TV. You don't need to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy this film. You can watch this film for the scenery alone.

So as not to give the impression that all the great scenery and videography leaves the adrenaline junkie dissatisfied, this film has all adrenaline pumping excitement of any good backcountry sledding film, and you need go no further than Evolution's opening scene. The opening scene shows a rider side hilling, and as he clears the mountain crest a huge avalanche breaks loose. The main theme of the movie from that opening thriller on is climbing, and believe me Delanoy captures some huge ascents and gnarly chute climbs.

The movie chapters are organized by locations and riders. Revelstocke, Canada typifies the sledding action throughout this film as you watch each rider one by one conquer the mountain, or get conquered by the mountain. There is a good mix of rider victories and merciless defeats as the mountain emerges victorious. The film features a guest rider Brett Turcotte from Slednecks films going really big in the air on his sled, and Matt Potratz does his really funky style of boondocking. I really liked all the boondocking shots in this film, not only because they were cool to watch, but most of the shots could pass for back country art that you would hang on a cabin wall.

There was a big variety of sleds featured in this film, including older sleds, new sleds, and heavily modified sleds. The film was shot in full 1080i HD, so you'll definitely want to watch this DVD on a large screen HD TV. The movie viewing options include blend of rock music and sledding sounds, which blend is nicely done and really gets the adrenaline pumping as you watch the action. Other viewing options are music only and then raw sledding footage sounds.

This is great video that is appropriate viewing for all audiences.



Riders:                                      5

Featured Sleds:                         4

Scenery:                                   5

Cinematography:                       5

Audio:                                      5

Bonus Footage:                        4


DVD Overall Score:     4.7


Reviewed by Devin Hess

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