Crazy Mtn Gets Crazier

Hoffman gives updates on his creation

Published in the December 2008 Issue Project Sled
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Crazy Mountain sledIt's been a while since we checked in with Mark Hoffman at Crazy Mtn. Motorsports for an update on his CMX sleds, the last real specialty sled on the market.

Hoffman tells SnoWest Magazine that the past season brought about the biggest design changes in CMX history. That includes evolving into electronic fuel injection with the Polaris 800 Liberty engine.

"Polaris has really done a great job refining the design of this incredible powerplant," Hoffman said. He pointed to the four fuel injectors (two located in the crankcase and one in each cylinder transfer port area) and the way they deliver fuel as one of the areas of the powerplant that he really likes. The injectors in the crankcase deliver fuel at idle and high rpm while the injectors in the transfer ports deliver fuel at low and mid engine speeds. Hoffman pointed out that in bone stock form, the Liberty 800 produces the most horsepower of any 800 on the market. Add to that the CMX enhancements and the engine gets that much better. "The power delivery is electric motor smooth from bottom to top," Hoffman said.

If you want a CMX with more snort, the '09 model might just be the ticket. Crazy Mtn. Motorsports has unveiled a turbo charged EFI monster CMX.

On the outside, the CMX still looks sharp, sporting the new CMX Sting Ray carbon fiber hood. Color options include red, black, silver metallic, blue metallic as well as custom colors. The new vents and air intake systems have been refined and have proven to be a great performance enhancement, Hoffman said. The chassis had to be modified a bit to accommodate the new EFI powerplant, while a chromoly steering hoop with integrated foot rest supports were raised 2.75 inches to fit the new fuel tank. This redesign has made the chassis stronger and more rigid. The chromoly steering post was redesigned to a T-top style to allow the use of adjustable risers with various heights available. There is also a new narrow seat and tank combo, replacing the wider seat that used to be on the CMX.

The front and rear suspensions have seen refinements as well. Utilizing CMX spec'd Walker Evans gas charged shocks that are lighter than comparable shocks, the ride is "fantastic," Hoffman said.

Hoffman said the CMX sled's advantages are threefold: chassis efficiency, proper geometry and light weight. Hoffman explained, "The chassis efficiency is all about how much rolling resistance the CMX has. It is significantly less than all others." One of the reasons, he said, is the CMXDS and Wahl Bros. 10-tooth anti-ratchet drivers.

As for the proper geometry, the CMX has a very flat attack angle and the balance between the front and rear suspensions maintains the proper geometry, allowing the sled to go over and through the snow with ease.

"Light weight is a simple but expensive recipe," Hoffman said. The CMX is built with many exotic materials, including titanium, chromoly and carbon fiber.

For more details on the CMX, contact Crazy Mtn. Motorsports (406) 686-4921 or

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