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It appears we're so excited about the upcoming snowmobile season that we rushed through a couple of things in the October, 2008 issue of SnoWest Magazine.


First, in the "10 Simple Ways To Improve Clutch Performance" story [page 22] by Dustin Pancheri, we put the wrong contact phone number at the end of the article. The correct phone number for Starting Line Products is (208) 529-0244.


Then, in the "Pockets of Paradise" feature on Sonora Pass [page 54], we left off the last part of the final paragraph.

Here is the complete paragraph to end the story.

"Taking stock at the end of day two left us with several impressions. One is there really is something to that California sunshine, which rained down on us for two full days, creating stellar riding conditions. Another is the famous Sierra Cement, a name for the snow that is set up just about the time it falls from the sky. Sierra Cement creates a snow condition (base) where you can ride just about anywhere-not matter how vertical it is-which we tried to do. The Elevator Shaft was a perfect example of what Sierra Cement allows you to do. Any other kind of snow condition and you would not be able to climb back out (although you can drop out the bottom of McKay Creek and catch the trail but how much fun is that?). Another impression is that despite being "hemmed" in, we had two full days of great riding without having to backtrack much at all.

A true pocket of paradise."

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