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Sledders like cookies, beer

Published in the November 2008 Issue Random
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CookiesAt a Yamaha presentation last winter, the company showed us some interesting information from a web-based survey it took. More than 3,300 registered snowmobile owners participated, answering several questions. Here are some highlights.

·         When asked the snack items they had eaten in the past week, snowmobilers showed they love cookies and ice cream. Cookies led the way with 47 percent saying they had eaten some in the past week, followed by ice cream at 46 percent. Next came popcorn (43 percent), candy bars (43 percent), potato chips (42 percent) and nuts (41 percent). 

·         McDonalds was the clear favorite when asked the question which fast food restaurants they had eaten at in past month. McDonalds led the way with 62 percent. The next closest was Subway at 46 percent. Burger King (39 percent), Wendy's (35 percent) and Taco Bell (31 percent) rounded out the top five. Trailing close behind was KFC (29 percent), Arby's (27 percent) and the first pizza place to show up on the survey, Pizza Hut (24 percent).

·         When asked which alcoholic beverages they had consumed in the last two weeks, beer was way out front with 68 percent. The next closest was red wine at 18 percent. Whiskey, vodka and rum followed with 15 percent each.

·         Snowmobilers love WalMart, too. Yamaha asked sledders which stores they had shopped at in the past 30 days and WalMart led the way at 68 percent, followed by Home Depot at 49 percent. Target (34 percent), Old Navy (32 percent) and Ace Hardware (32 percent) rounded out the top five. We were glad to see Bed Bath & Beyond was second to last at 11 percent. Our question is, who is shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond? On the bottom of the list was Aeropostle (10 percent).

·         Finally, it's clear snowmobilers like their rock and roll. Yamaha asked what music sledders listen to most often and rock and roll led the way at 61 percent. Country was second at 54 percent, alternative third (38 percent), hard rock fourth (35 percent) and fifth was top 40 hits (25 percent).

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