Product Review: Making The Job E-Z

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E-Z Off Trailer SlideLast winter we picked up a neat little two-place enclosed Triton Trailer. This thing was just about perfect for the short day trips we do when we test snowmobiles and products. But to make it just a little more functional, and to protect its construction, we added a set of E-Z Off Trailer Slides to it.

Now when it comes to doing our own installations on sleds, trailers, etc., we're not exactly "professional grade installers" . but we aren't totally lost either. If something comes with adequate instructions, we can usually get the job done.

E-Z Off Trailer SlideBut when it comes to installing E-Z Off Trailer Slides, we were actually over-qualified.

This is a process that takes little time, little expertise and is very difficult to mess up. You lay the product out. You screw the product down. And you pat yourself on the back for a great job. That's it.

The only challenge (using the term loosely) was to measure the glide strips to fit the length of the trailer and ramp and make a straight cut. (And if it's not so straight or an inch or two off length, who cares? It's a snowmobile trailer for crying out loud.)

E-Z Off Trailer SlideE-Z Off Trailer Slides are a low-profile slide designed to allow the carbides of a snowmobile ski to slide into the trailer (not allowing it to grab and throw you over the handlebars). Although it serves to protect the floor of your trailer, it makes loading, unloading and moving the snowmobile on the trailer a lot easier. The kit includes the low profile slides in various lengths (depending on the length of your trailer) and rubber mat (made from recycled tires). It also comes with pre-drilled hole slots for the slides and all the mounting hardware necessary.

A set of 12-foot slides and a six-foot mat run about $95.

For more information contact Slide Guides (920) 733-2256.

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