Elevation 4

Produced by Jeff Aiello Team Summit Productions

November 2008 Feature Viewed 716 time(s)

The 2007-08 riding season brought the Western region some of the best powder riding we've seen in years and the boys from Team Summit had no problem finding it. With more than 60 minutes of run time, Elevation Four brings you some of the best technical riders to hit the big screen in the past few seasons.

Riders like Anthony Oberti, Dan Gardiner, Phatty Dyer, Ryan Nelson and Jacob Moren track up some of that western snow. Filmed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, you'll never imagine the snow and terrain these boys conquer throughout the entire film.

You'll be amazed at Oberti's brush at death (okay, that's a little bit of an exaggeration) by picking a line only those who are extremely courageous or short on brain cells would attempt. He rockets up a straight vertical chute through rock cliffs only to later end up with his sled coming right back down over that 200-foot cliff riderless. That made for one of the best on-film carnage scenes we've seen in awhile.

Elevation Four brings a quick-witted sense of humor, which makes for some fun, entertaining, somewhat ridiculous interaction with the riders. With corkscrew interviews and an exciting soundtrack, Aiello has done a great job producing a film that will keep you entertained right up to the end.

He's done a great job mixing up the action with great hillclimbing, boondocking and big, death-defying cornice drops all intertwined in a twisted sidekick humorous film. If you've never ridden the Sierra Mountains above California, you've been missing out on some great terrain with intense technical riding and this movie proves that point. Who knew California had snow this good? Dan Gardiner, boondocking extraordinaire, continues to impress you with his backcountry riding skills as he carves his way through waist-deep powder.

`Shred the Gnar' is the fourth film released by Jeff Aiello and Team Summit Productions, each of which has gotten better and better every season. This is not one we'd recommend missing. Great footage, great riders, an entertaining soundtrack, along with a healthy dose of bloopers. Yeah, you'll like it. www.teamsummit.net

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