Crossroads: High Performance Meets Efficiency

2009 Ski-Doo MX-Z X 600 E-Tec

November 2008 Feature Viewed 535 time(s)

Located in the heart of the mountains of Idaho, we spend most of our time on long tracks and big bore sleds. Waist-deep powder riding and climbing mountain chutes high enough to give billy goats nose bleeds. Around here, 144-inch tracks are `short tracks.'

With that being said, the new Ski-Doo MX-Z 600 E-Tech still gets our blood pumping and adrenaline rushing through our veins. The freeride `shorties' have grown in popularity around here year after year. Now with the introduction of this XP chassis and smooth, consistent power of the 600 E-Tec engine, it looks like the freeride market will be getting even stronger this season.

The 600 E-Tec direct injection two-stroke technology from BRP boasts 15 percent better fuel economy than last year's SDI model. Oil consumption is also cut in half with the new engine design, making for the cleanest two-stroke engine by a wide margin. The direct injection system on the 2009 MX-Z X 600 E-Tec engine injects fuel directly into the cylinders under extreme pressure, making for smooth, consistent, clean-burning horsepower. The new design also ensures one-pull starts, even in the coldest of climates.

Power, fuel and oil economy all in a lightweight, fun chassis. What more can you ask for?

The move to the XP chassis improves rider geometry, comfort, and most of all, handling characteristics. That makes for one of the most versatile and rideable freeride sleds on the market. The dual A-arm front suspension and HPG clicker take-apart aluminum shocks add control through the rough stuff for even the most aggressive riders. The SC-5 rear skid under the MX-Z X comes direct from the snocross track. Tested under the harshest of conditions, the SC-5 offers great bump absorption, control, improved weight transfer and great carving ability.

The MX-Z X comes outfitted with a 121-inch RipSaw with 1.25-inch deep lugs made of single-ply technology, reducing weight by nearly 10 lbs. It offers great traction and control, whether riding through loose powder or rough, windy trails.

The X package also offers sporty race features like the racing style brake pads and steel-braided brake line, delivering the best race sled stopping power. The low windshield and race-inspired handguards add to the race sled style while still offering decent protection from the elements of the trail. The REV-XP racing seat also finds its home on the MX-Z, which will appeal to the more athletic and aggressive riding styles.

We really enjoyed the time we spent on the new 600 E-Tec powered MX-Z X. If you're in the market for a lightweight, race-inspired freeride sled, you might want to spend some time at your Ski-Doo dealer. This is definitely a sled worth checking out.

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