Chris Burandt: The End of Boondocking

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What's up SledHeaders! I was just thinking how cool it was that I get to chat with you all about this sport we love so much. But I have to tell you there is something that has been bothering me. With the evolution of mountain sleds in the west our riding styles and type of riding has changed. But what bothers me is we still refer to this riding as "boondocking". To me, the word boondocking sounds like someone taking a leisurely ride off the trail doing slow carves around some trees. I've heard riders from all the snow belts in the U.S. refer to their love for "boondocking" and I think it's time to change. One thing I can assure you is the boondocking in Colorado and all the western states is a lot different than the boondocking in the Midwest and east coast! 

Last year I was on a ride late in the year with some good friends of mine from Idaho. It was a day where there were four turbo's in the group and my goal that whole day was to make these guys wish something would happen to their sleds so they would have an excuse to go back to the truck. (I love these kinds of days!) After making a line through some trees that even made me feel bad for the guys behind me, I sat up top wondering what they might say when they finally made it. After about 20 minutes and some choice words that I could hear being yelled from below all four of my buddies made it to the top. As I was finishing up with my Hot Pocket I watched these four warriors take their helmets off with the biggest grins on their faces. The conversation that came from this day could change boondocking as we know it.

Me: "Hey there boys! Nice work! Sorry about that line.didn't think it would be THAT bad," I said (with a grin on my face like I just stole the last cookie out of the cookie jar.)

My poor friends: "Dude, what was that!"

Me: "I told you guys were going to be doing some boondocking today."
My poor friends: "Ok, first of all no one in their right mind would consider that a `line.' Second of all that is something on a whole other level of what we would consider as "boondocking."

Me: "Well, so what should we call this kind of riding?"

The conversation from here got pretty fun as names such as "searching for bigfoot" and "Yeti hunting" were thrown out there. But then one of the guys with his now broken bumper and missing windshield said, "Let's call it Randting."

Me: "Randting? What's that?"

Broken bumper guy: "As far as I see it you started this type of riding and are the best at it so let's name it after you." 

Me: "Randting huh? That might work."

Broken bumper guy: "The first time someone called me "dude" I thought it sounded kind of weird but now it's just a normal thing.
Me: "All right, I'm game."

So there it is. From now on instead of degrading your sick tree lines or gnarly hill climbs through the trees and rocks by calling it "boondocking," let's call it Randting! 

This brings me to two cool new projects that I have been working on that many of you have been asking for. I have teamed up with the guys over at Boondockers (maybe they would change their name to Randters.maybe not-hah!) to give a select few riders the opportunity to own the type of sled that I ride. This will be a sled available in limited quantities set up to my specs and ready to tackle the steepest, gnarliest tree and rock terrain on the planet. This sled which will fittingly be called Chris Burandt's Back Country Edition sled will be the lightest and most powerful sled offered to the public as a ready-to-ride-snowmobile. No more excuses that I made it to the top and you didn't because my sled is better than yours! Check out and for details and how you can put your name on one of the coolest sleds on the snow! 

Another Note: The crew at Slednecks and Compound films came to me with an idea for their newest creation. After years of listening to all you video watchers out there the message has finally been heard. A new film titled: Chris Burandt's Back Country Adventures will blow you all away with the eight-time Xtremey Award winning crew at Slednecks and Compound Films showcasing Burandt taking tree and mountain riding to the next level. This 35 minute all-mountain riding film follows Burandt through some of the gnarliest and most technical terrain the West has to offer. No ramps, no freestyle, just crazy never-before-seen mountain riding footage of Burandt! Approx 35 minutes, edited for all ages. Shot on location in throughout the US and British Columbia. Check out and to get your copy.

See you all next month!
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