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Up Close with Dan Adams' Turbo 700 RMK Dragon

September 2008 Feature Dan Adams Viewed 801 time(s)

Whenever you are out riding and you hear what sounds like a sled running a turbo, your mind immediately starts to wonder what having that kind of power would be like.

That is what happened to me two winters ago and I still get "shaky hands" talking about it now. Since my start in snowmobiling I was always more interested in suspension modifications due to all the jumping I did. My lack of interest in motor work made tuning next to impossible for me. Hey, I'm a carpenter. You want me to build something out of wood, no problem, but as far as rebuilding a motor, I leave that up to the pros.

Then the Boondocker Turbo system came along. I have never been more impressed with a performance product in my life. Stock sleds are a thing of the past. I'm hooked on power. Once you ride one, especially if it's a chassis you are used to riding, you'll be hooked, too. The boys at Boondocker Performance in Idaho Falls, ID, did an amazing job setting my buggy this past season. The clutching, the mapping of the control box and the overall design of the system made my riding season one of the most awesome experiences I've ever had. I replaced a few spark plugs here and there, but as far as my initial fears of having to be an MIT graduate to ride a turbo sled, there were no issues. The power and the reliability of this system is flawless. Thanks to Rocky Young and Jared Sessions for all their support.

Setting up a sled to perform as a good all-around vehicle can bring up a lot of different problems. For my style of riding, I needed something that could take a beating as well as handle well in the deep snow. Timbersled Products out of Kootenai, ID, dialed in some front and rear suspension ideas that would not only shed some pounds, but be stronger than stock as well. The Barkbuster lightweight front-end kit really helped cure the factory Polaris steering problems. It also made setting up for jump take-offs easier by eliminating the sway bar. The new Walker Evans front shocks performed like no other shocks I've ever ridden. With constant rebound and seemingly endless travel, Polaris and Marty Sampson have engineered a sweet setup.

The rear suspension was given the same treatment from Timbersled with its Mountain Tamer kit. Install was easy enough that I pulled it off myself. The weight savings over stock once the Timbersled rear skid were complete was incredible. The Fox Float shocks really impressed me with their ease of adjustment. Creating the perfect ride with a simple air pump made dialing this sled a simple process. The rear suspension really improved the sled's ability in the deep snow. The snow shedding abilities made this setup perfect for handling big drops as well. Thanks, Allen Mangum, for everything.

Now that the sled was performing beyond expectations it needed to be dressed up a bit. It took Bruce Sirjane and me about a month or so to come up with a wrap that defined the sled and made it one-of-a-kind. His imagination and creativity are awesome. The desert camo and guns blazing throughout the wrap was right up my alley. There have been tons of comments on the design. The material used was super strong and looks as good now as it did at the start of the season. Thanks, Bruce and Shannon. I'll be sending you guys a lot more business for supporting me with such a great product.

The first thing I change on a sled has always been the handlebars and risers. Wade Durbin of RSI Racing knows my setup and has been supporting me for years. A 4-inch riser and aluminum Backcountry Bend Bars always do the trick. Thanks Wade, one of the OGs. In the foot traction department the Better Boards from F-Bomb Racing really improved the stock running boards and made snow loading a thing of the past. Thanks guys, great product.

As far as the rest of the aftermarket stuff on the sled, the Fire and Ice venting/gas rack, Mountain Machines billet pull start handle and 9-inch rear wheel kit all came from supporters who have helped me get where I am today.  Thanks for believing in me and keeping the sport of snowmobiling alive. To see this sled in action be sure to check out the new Slednecks 11 and Danger Zone 3 from Extreme Team Films.


Riding at Adams' level takes a lot of support. His sponsor appreciation list includes: Polaris Industries, Slednecks, HMK, Scott USA, Boondocker Performance, Timbersled Products, Sly Dog, RSI Racing, Hi-Rise Truck Decks, Ogio, Mountain Machines Performance, Fire and Ice, MBRP, Blue Marble, Edge Products, RevTek Industries, MKW Alloys, Hushpower, Throttle Down Kustoms, Slingshot, Sledwraps.com, Extreme Team Films, Tahoe Films, Adams Construction, and most of all, Irina Adams.


The Ride

2007 Polaris 700 RMK Dragon



Timbersled Barkbuster Front-End Kit

Timbersled Mountain Tamer Rear-End Kit

`09 Walker Evans Piggyback Front Shocks

Sly Dog Powder Skis

Fox Float Rear Shocks

Ice Scratchers

9-inch Mountain Machines Billet Wheels and Axel Kit

`08 Polaris 155-inch Track

`08 Polaris Drivers

Sled Wrap from Sledwraps.com

RSI  4-inch Riser and Handlebars

Fire and Ice Cooling Vents and Gas Rack

F Bomb Racing Better Boards



Boondocker Performance Turbo

`08 OEM Single Ring Pistons

Boondocker Control Box

Koso Twin EGT Digital Gauge

Air Box and Clutching by Boondocker Performance

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