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Track Options

Ski-Doo riders get three new track options for 2008. Lengths offered include 16x46x2.25, 16x154x2.25 and 16x163x2.25. The new Challenger Lite Rev XP track features new single-ply technology that results in a six pound weight reduction. The Challenger Lite is only available on the X-package spring model.

Brembo Brake

Stopping is just as important as accelerating to mountain riders. That's why you'll often find the best braking equipment on the long sleds. For 2008, Ski-Doo is going with a new high-performance Brembo brake system The new brake is attached to the drive shaft outboard of the tunnel, where snow and cold air can cool the caliper and housing. Summit X models feature racing brake pads and a steel-braided brake line for increased performance.

Rev XP Steering System

The old Rev's steering system was comprised of 133 parts with a sum weight of 13.5 lbs. The rack-and-pinion steering system found on the new Rev XP weighs 8.5 lbs. and is comprised of 33 parts. It also has a tighter, more responsive feel to it and a tighter turning radius.



Improved Spindles

One thing Polaris has fought with since the IQ chassis was first introduced is the front suspension's spindles. They have been tweaked little by little ever since. For '08, the spindles went through another updating and the latest effort has resulted in the best-steering IQ to date. Steering effort is said to be reduced by 15 percent, with a 1-pound reduction in weight.

600 H.O. Cleanfire

The 2008 600 RMK features the 600 HO Liberty Cleanfire twin that produces 125 hp. The fuel-injected engine used the same Cleanfire technology found in the 700 and 800 RMK. The mil was used in trail sleds last year and new high-altitude calibration has made it a no-brainer choice for a western platform.

136 Crossover Skid

Polaris crossover-segment riders will appreciate the new 163-inch coupled rear suspension. The new skid controls weight transfer better than previous versions, keeping the rider in control. The skidframe also features RydeFX gas front shocks and heavier torsion springs.


Arctic Cat

Improved Intake Bezel

If you've had the problem of the triangle intake screens next to the headlight on your M-sled or Crossfire, Arctic Cat has come up with a solution. All 2008 models will have a push-mount plastic rivet added to keep the bezel in place.

Tighter Turning Radius

Cat engineers updated the steering system's center tie rod link and added new lower bell crank arms. The new design, along with the new spindles, allows for a tighter turning radius, which is exactly what the M-sleds needed.

Gripper Seat

Another big improvement to the 2008 Arctic Cat M-series lineup is the change to gripper seat material on the top of the seats. This new material has a much better grip compared to previous M-sleds and keeps your butt or knee in place during mountain riding.



FX Chassis

The Nytro MTX is the hottest new mountain sled in Yamaha's '08 lineup. The Nytro's new FX chassis is based on a race-proven platform and features a radical riding position that is perfectly suited for mountain riding. The chassis features third-generation front suspension with tall shock towers for maximum ground clearance. Over-the-engine steering lets the engine be tucked deeper into the chassis. Tall hooked handlebars give the rider maximum control, while the chassis components are designed for lightweight and durability. The FX chassis is the base for the Nytro MTX, along with new trail models for Yamaha.

Maverick 15-wide Track

The popular Maverick track has been resized for the Nytro MTX. The 15x153x2.25-inch tread means Yamaha is trying to get the most out of the lightweight Nytro by sticking to a 15-inch-wide track instead of the 16-incher on the Apex MTX. Also, you might remember the old Vector Mountain SE was a 120-hp sled with the 16x162x2.25 Maverick. Yamaha could have put that track on the Nytro MTX, too, but didn't.

153 ProMountain Skid

Along with the new track, Yamaha developed a shorter version of the ProMountain rear suspension designed for the Nytro's new geometry. It features tipped-up rails and a shallow approach angle for excellent deep-snow floatation. With 11.5 inches of travel, it also does a good job of soaking up single-track moguls
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