Quick Change

A new trick for TRA clutches

October 2007 Feature

For those of you who have ever thought to yourself, there has to be a better way of changing the clickers on a Ski-Doo TRA primary clutch, we have what you've been looking for.

Quick Clickers is a system designed to eliminate the need to loosen the lock nut on the TRA cam arm bolt to adjust the clicker settings. With Quick Clickers installed, you only have to push the spring-loaded nut until the bolt head pops out of the clutch, turn it to the desired setting and let it snap back into place.

See the Clutching section of the Performance Product Guide for information on how to purchase a set.

To install Quick Clickers, first remove the lock nut form the TRA cam arm bolts. Do not remove the bolt.

Thread the Quick Clicker nut with spring attached to the cam arm bolt.


Leave enough of the bolt threads to allow the bolt head to clear the clutch body when depressed.


Tighten the allen-head set screw against the end of the cam arm bolt.


To change clicker position, press the Quick Clicker nut to collapse the spring and push the head of the cam arm bolt out of the clutch body.

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