SnoWolverine Soon To Be Released Into The Wild

Swedish snowmobile ready for snow

January 2007 Feature Viewed 880 time(s)
We heard about the SnoWolverine, a snowmobile designed and built in Sweden, a year ago and decided it was time to follow up on this new snowmachine since there are plans to bring it to North America.
We contacted SnoWolverine founder Anders Sterner and asked for some details on the new sled.
There are actually two models, a two-stroke 600 and a four-stroke 1116cc.
Plans call for Redline (you remember Redline, whose own snowmobile went down the tubes a year or so ago) to help handle sales of the SnoWolverine in North America. That's about all we know, however, about the joint venture. "We do have an agreement with Redline covering various matters," Sterner said. "However, there are still details to be discussed and agreed upon before I can let you know more about this venture."
As expected, Scandinavian sledders will get to see the snowmobile first. Sterner said his company is planning on a release party Jan. 5-6 at the Arctic Cat Cup in Östersund, Sweden, next year. The Cup is the biggest snocross competition in Europe and is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.
And when will the snowmobile be available to the consumer? Sterner said, "We might sell some snowmobiles this season if final testing turns out well and there is consumer interest. Next season we aim for 250 manufactured units."
In anticipation of snowmobile production, Sterner said his company has established a 40,000 square foot facility. "What is still left to do is to finally settle the supply chain and logistics," he said.
For more information about the SnoWolverine, contact +46 (0) 70 549 94 35 or log on to

SnoWolverine's owner said the A-arms and track/suspension is not the final version but that the pictures show an early prototype. The folks at SnoWolverine told us that many of their sled's designs and components are not yet protected by IPs so they won't show too much detail or up-to-date pictures yet.
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