Ever-Changing Race Scene

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About the only thing constant about snowmobile racing is that it's forever changing.
That's what makes it so exciting.
New racers enter the race arena every season, taking aim at the veterans. That not only keeps the sport young, but it also keeps racing fresh. Some of those racers end up making a name for themselves while others are content to simply compete for the love of racing. Some of the best racers on the planet come from the West, a fact that has been proven time and again. Just look at any of the factory and privateer race team rosters and you'll see the names of western racers dotting the list.
There are other changes taking place this season, too. The Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association has a couple of new race sites and has added a race class, the Rocky Mountain Cross Country Racing Circuit has changed its name (now Mountain West Racing), there are a couple of new race teams in the West, the freestyle snocross tour (FSX) has added several new competition sites in the West and the Winter X Games are again in Aspen/Snowmass, CO.
Even the race sleds have changed some.
Most of the details about these and other changes are in the pages that follow.
Maybe there is one thing that never changes in snowmobile racing-the racer's work ethic. We've been to many a race over the years and racers show up early, race hard and then leave long after the crowds dissipate. What sometimes looks like an effortless run up the hill or loop around the track really represents hours and hours (and dollars and dollars) of practice, wrenching and preparation for a few moments of glory (hopefully).
Of course, there are other races and race circuits in the West. In fact, there isn't a weekend that goes by that there isn't a race, radar run, poker run or something of the sort going on. You don't have to look very hard to find some race activity somewhere in the West. As an added bonus, when you head to a race or radar run or poker run, most of the time you're supporting a local snowmobile club. These events are big fundraisers for many clubs, which use them to fund their activities all year long. And that means perhaps an additional event next winter.
Yep, change is good.
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