8 reasons to buy an Arctic Cat 800 1M

August 2003 Feature Viewed 820 time(s)

1 Lean & Mean. No other manufacturer has made such an aggressive move to shed weight off their mountain sleds as Arctic Cat. And none of this weight loss has come with any sacrifice to performance. Dieting makes you hungry. And Arctic Cat is very hungry to recapture its reputation for making the best mountain snowmobile.

2 Suspension. The 800 1M has a great ride through the bumps, which usually guards the way going into the backcountry bowls. The AWS V double-wishbone A-arms with Arctic Cat gas shocks are very effective in absorbing the bumps and providing stability through the roughest terrain. Cat's FasTrack Long Travel rear suspension keeps the sled level and the rider in control.

3 Handlebars. Just the right width, just the right height, and a perfect design-what more could you ask for? Cat's mountain bars are the best in the industry.

4 Drop & Roll. The best way to go through the snow is by getting on top of the snow. Cat's dropped and rolled chaincase allows you to get up on the snow quickly. A gentle track approach angle puts a lot of track on the snow and improves the sled's flotation.

5 EFI. Cat's exclusive batteryless electronic fuel injection system provides smooth, uninterrupted performance that is always dead-on, regardless of the elevation changes. EFI provides consistent, responsive power at an easy touch of the thumb.

6 Bigger rear wheels. By going to an 8-inch rear idler, Cat has acquired easier power transfer through the track. This equates to more usable horsepower to the snow.

7 Ski Stance. Sometimes the best engineering is also the simplest. That's what Cat did with its adjustable ski stance. By just changing a spacer from one side to the other, you can adjust the ski stance from 39 to 41 inches.

8 Quick release. Both the hood and seat can be removed simply and quickly. The advantage of removing a hood means that when you are working on your clutches or engine, you can easily set the hood out of your way. Also, for spring riding conditions, it's easy to leave the hood at the base of the mountain on those warm spring days. As for the seat, the easy removable feature allows you to take your seat inside and dry it out after a hard day's ride. A dry seat can be several pounds lighter, and much more comfortable, than a wet seat.

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