8 reasons to buy a Polaris 800

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1 On top. At the very top of the mountain, where the winddrifts form and the snow is packed in deep, the VE 800 outperforms any snowmobile made. This may be related to the DAT-Dual Angle Tunnel. Combined with the narrow running boards, the VE keeps its track digging and pushing, allowing it to propel the sled over the top.

2 Teamwork. The TEAM roller clutch is one of the best driven clutches in the industry. Built with tight clearances for longer life and less binding, these clutches run cooler, backshift faster and perform better. The TEAM roller clutch has proven itself in the racing industry and has become a very popular replacement choice with all brands of snowmobiles.

3 Phantom brake. This lightweight brake system made by Hayes Brake features a duel piston design that makes for an easy one-finger pull. The brake itself features easy-to-replace brake pads. The Phantom brake is incorporated in Polaris' lightweight chain case design that saves weight, provides for easy chain adjustment and more gear ratios.

4 PERC. The Polaris Electronic Reverse Control rotates the entire drivetrain in reverse direction at a touch of a button. (Sounds similar to the Ski-Doo RER? Same thing.) This instant reverse adds no weight and is finding its way on more and more snowmobiles.

5 Turning radius. The Escape turns tighter than all other snowmobiles. The Dual Purpose Rail allows for a 159-inch track in the powder and a 121-inch feel on the hardpack. Tighter turning come in handy when you're picking your way through the trees.

6 Skis. The Polaris RMK Sidehiller 2 skis are aggressive, light and feature the most positive handling response in the industry. When it comes to stock, these are the best skis out of the box.

7 Tunnel roll. Foot traction is critical in mountain riding. You can't control your sled if your foot is sliding down the running board or if the snow/ice buildup is too great. By running the cooling system through the tunnel roll, and by putting an aggressive jagged edge, Polaris engineers have made the best of both worlds-keeping the running board free from ice buildup and providing ample traction for the rider.

8 DET. The Liberty engine is designed to last. By monitoring the cylinder heads and adjusting the timing map accordingly, you won't be seeing piston and cylinder failures here. DET is designed to reduce heat buildup in the engine by retarding the engine timing in 3-degree increments. This is a continual process to keep the timing map spot on throughout the day.

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