Tison Stealth

The New Tison Kicks Ice

December 2002 Feature
The Stealth, a new sled built by Tison, is based around a complete carbon fiber chassis including the bulkhead, tunnel, fuel tank (17.5 gallons), hood, throttle flipper, skis and belly pan. A Kevlar clutch guard is also used. The entire underside of the sled contains several layers of Kevlar, which prevents damage from rocks and stumps. This machine is not fragile and Tison claims the machine has the lowest center of gravity of any snowmobile manufactured to date.
Features include:
The fuel tank is a fully baffled fuel tank. No more gas sloshing when you are trying to maneuver through tight turns.
The one-piece carbon-kevlar nose/hood and front bumper tilt forward for easy access to all front-end components and the engine compartment. The hood/nose/bumper has a 12-inch crush zone for those occasional "tree situations" and weighs in at 12 lbs. The unit is easily repaired and is removed by pulling a 5 oz pin, which holds the assembly in place.
The modified 151 M-10 weighs 42 lbs (not the standard M-10) The modified M-10 includes titanium springs front and rear, the popular Tison billet M-10 arms, billet 8-inch rear wheels and a few other tricks.
The seat is a super-light custom flattop by Boss Seats.
For power, this Stealth uses a PSI 990 with Big Air carbs and PSI 1085 pipes modified by Tison to exit through the side of the belly pan. No more bogging when sidehilling through deep powder.
The chaincase is a new design and casting, eliminating approximately two pounds by redesigning the top of the chaincase to accept a Wilwood caliper without the use of the standard Tison bracket.
The Tison handlebars are two inches wider than previous versions for less rider fatigue and feature new end plugs that hold the grips in place while sidehilling. A new billet riser is also used to raise the bars for comfortable stand-up riding styles.
Each carbon ski assembly (which includes spindle and mounting hardware) weighs in at 5 lbs. 15 oz. Tison has more than 4,000 miles on these skis riding in Washington, Idaho and Montana without a failure or broken ski.
The sled debuted Sept. 28 at the 6th annual Washington State Polar Bear Club Watercross, taking four firsts.
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(360) 829-0525 or
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