Redline, Redline, Where Art Thou?

Redline renames and regroups

December 2002 Feature
We touched bases with Redline in late summer just to see what the California company was up to.
Funding problems have prevented the release of the company's first sled, but Redline insists it is in this for the long haul.
But rather than rewrite their note to SnoWest, we'll just reprint it. The note comes from Kent H. Harle, the CEO of Redline.
"It has been a while since we have made a public statement about the progress and outlook of our company. We have officially changed our name from Redline Snowmobiles Inc., to Redline Performance Products Inc., thus announcing we have a plan and a vision that extends far beyond just the snowmobile industry.
"The next 10 years will be exciting ones for our consumers, our dealers and the industry as a whole as we focus on introducing uncompromised, premium products to the powersports industry. Our flexible product development and manufacturing strategies will allow us to deliver fashionable and exclusive products to powersports' largest market segments while also allowing us to develop unique and innovative performance products for several niche markets that we have identified.
"Our first product, the much anticipated 800 Revolt snowmobile, returned from a Cooke City, MT, testing trip and the performance of our first pre-production units has exceeded our expectations and the bold claims that we made early on. The 800 Revolt features Redline's patented T-15 rear suspension and showcases a lightweight 800cc engine with liquid-cooled cases designed and manufactured in its entirety in our Vista, CA, facility. Shortly behind the release of the 800 Revolt will be the 748 Revolution and 748 Revolution Turbo. These lightweight 750cc twin four-strokes put out 100 and 155+hp, respectively, and will be carried in the same basic Redline chassis with significant stylistic variations to differentiate it from its brother.
"We had originally planned for final testing of the 800 Revolt in the fall of 2001 with a subsequent limited product release. Even though we could not foresee the decline in our economy and access to private capital, we responded quickly and downsized our company to insure we would not run out of cash. We have methodically laid out our plans and built our financial foundation so that we can now go out and begin to manufacture our products and build our company's brand, reputation and value.
"We know that we have taken our time bringing this first product to market and we know that three of the four snowmobile manufacturers have seemingly come a long way in the past year, but believe me when I say, they have not caught up. Our first product release is our most important product release. We cannot simply put product into the dealer and consumers' hands and let our dealers fix unforeseen problems or expect our reputation to carry us through."
Contact Redline Performance Products 760-599-1003 or
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