Circling For The Kill

Snow Hawk takes on market

December 2002 Feature
It's hard to argue with success. After years of testing, testing, testing-both the actual machine and consumer interest-the Snow Hawk became reality for 100 consumers last season. And AD Boivin, makers of the unique Snow Hawk, already have things cranked up for this season.
And AD Boivin may just be the craftiest of the specialty sled group by making a snowmobike so unique and different from a traditional sled that even in low snow years, this machine will turn heads and ring up sales.
Part of that is because you don't have to have hundreds of acres to enjoy the Snow Hawk like you do a traditional snowmobile. If you have a big backyard or local motocross track, that's plenty big enough to enjoy this machine. Of course you can take it on the trails or even off-trail riding if you'd like. It's a very versatile machine.
You don't even have to be a motorcycle rider to enjoy the Snow Hawk. When we first rode the Snow Hawk during its R&D period, one of our riders who has hardly been on a motorcycle, took right to the machine after getting used to how it turns. Your first inclination is to put your leg out like you would on a traditional bike, but that is a mistake because snow doesn't give like pavement or dirt does. Perhaps AD Boivin explained it best when the company said, "Its behavior depends on the conditions in which it is used. Sometimes it will react more like a bike while at other times it will react more like a snowmobile or a jetski."  
If, by the rare chance you haven't seen a Snow Hawk, you might be able to check it out at a handful of western dealers. There's a Snow Hawk dealer in every western state except New Mexico, Arizona and Oregon. For specific dealers, check out the Snow Hawk website
There's really nothing about the Snow Hawk that should intimidate anyone. It's powered by a Rotax 503cc fan-cooled engine and has about 60 hp. At lest you think this is just a short track machine, you can get it with a 136-inch track.
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