The Cat's Meow

Mountain Cat 600 EFI

October 2002 Feature

The Mountain Cat 600 EFI has dominated this class for a long time and did nothing to lose its perch for the 2003 season. Perhaps Cat's biggest edge in this class is its strong EFI motor.

We've been fans of the Cat 600 batteryless EFI for several years and we admit this is one of the sleds we were most excited about to ride at the photo shoots because Cat took an already great sled and shaved 35 lbs. off. Now the sled rails. The power (an estimated 110 hp) to weight (478 lbs. dry) just got that much better. The engine is also equipped with Arctic Power Valves, which help give the MC 6 some serious bottom end grunt, which carries through to the midrange.

But this sled isn't just all about horsepower. Cat dropped and rolled the chaincase on all its Mountain Cats and that has helped the sled get up on the snow better and act more like a sled instead of a plow. If you've got to go through the bumps to get to the powder, Cat's reliable FasTrack Long Travel system still gets the job done, especially in the deep moguls. The MC 6 doesn't have the most travel in the rear in this class, but it has enough (13.5 inches) to keep your spine from being an accordion, thanks in part to the Torque Sensing Link.

Two track options on the MC 600, a 136-inch or 144-inch. We prefer the 144-inch because that extra bit of footprint does make a difference and it's a nice match for the Cat motor.

Other Mountain Cat features the 600 shares with its bigger siblings include a nifty and incredibly easy adjustable ski stance (39-41), removable hood, removable seat and an awesome handlebar setup.

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