A Refined RMK

Polaris 600 RMK

October 2002 Feature

No, the Polaris 600 RMK didn't spend the off season with Miss Manners, but it did get a lot of attention from Polaris engineers who primped and primed this machine for a big date with the 2003 winter. The 600 RMK did get a new outfit-purple thunder color and graphics-but we would rather focus on the inner beauty of the sled.

What the 2003 600 RMK is all about is direction. Going forward was made better with the addition of Grafal-coated (a graphite coating) piston, which improves reliability, as well as an enhanced timing curve for easier starting. Of course, the Variable Exhaust System, while not new, keeps the sled running at its peak.

The 2002 136 by 1.75-inch track has been upgraded to a 144 by 2-inch model that will not only help you go forward but also up.

What about the other direction? The Polaris Electric Reverse Control (PERC) does that job. And side-to-side? Polaris' new Sidehiller 2 skis with dual runner carbides help stick the sled to the mountainside while also eliminating darting on the trail. These skis really do the trick. We noticed the reduction in darting on the trail but the advantages of the offset width and down turned edge were more noticeable while sidehilling. The skis really do help this sled hug the mountain, and turn uphill when needed. The beefier track also plays a part here with its bigger footprint and deeper lugs. Every little bit helps when you're doing your best impression of a mountain goat.

While there are lots of features about the Edge RMK chassis that could be talked about, one feature that really shined last season (and should do so again in 2003) is the Polaris Perimeter Cooling System (PCS). The PCS circulates engine coolant through the running board tunnel roll. Fortunately we had plenty of powder to ride in last season and nothing was more aggravating than having snow build up on the running boards. Once the snow builds up on the running boards, it's like you have your own miniature skating rink where traction is virtually non-existent. No, the PCS doesn't keep the running boards completely free of snow, but it does help you have a fighting chance to keep the snow cleared off. And when you're not in really deep powder, the PCS does keep the running boards clear.

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