Snowmobile Trails Moosehead Lake Maine

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Snowmobile Trails

  Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake

Groomed Trails: 160 mi
Nearest Town:
 Trail Riding RATE IT   A
 Off-Trail Riding RATE IT   B
 Scenery RATE IT   A
 Services RATE IT   B
A mini-highway of sorts, the trail takes travelers through some of the woods country made famous during the logging era, drawing a wide circle around the states largest lake and conveniently linking all of the more intriguing places in the region. It climbs up to lofty overlooks, passes through deep forests, stops at outposts like Kokadjo, Northeast Carry, Seboomook, and Pittston Farm, and slide through the cool villages of Rockwood and Greenville, never too many miles from food and fun.

Beaver Creek Lodge

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