Snowmobile Trails and Snowmobiling in Northwest Terretories

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Snowmobile Trails

Western Arctic

Northwest Terretories

If you want more than to just ride a snowmobile, if you want to really experience a true adventure, then explore the Northwest Territories on a snowmachine. Your explorations are limited only to the size of your sled’s gas tank and how much you can carry.

Wide open doesn’t even come close to describing the riding here. Consider this: there are 42,083 people (compared to 85,000 musk ox or 700,000 barren land caribou) living on 1,171,918 square kilometres in the Northwest Territories. And nearly 50 percent of those people live in and around Yellowknife. You’ll just about have the place to yourself. Oh yea, and just about every square kilometre is covered with snow from several months every winter.
Miles of groomed trails: 0
Number of clubs: 0
NWT Arctic Tourism (800) 661-0788
Road Conditions (800) 661-0750
Great Slave snowmobile Association

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