Snowmobile Trails and Snowmobiling in New Mexico

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Snowmobile Trails

Angel Fire
Jemez Mountains
Mount Taylor
Red River
San Pedro Mountains

New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the West’s shining examples of just what mountains can do for the snowmobiling crowd.

As we explained in the introduction to this section, the mountains of New Mexico provide snowmobiling opportunities in the most southern locales possible in the United States.

Those opportunities come courtesy of the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide, which enter the United States in New Mexico. The Rockies wind their way through New Mexico from south to north from Mexico to Colorado, dominating the landscape in the western part of the state.

New Mexico has six peaks rising higher than 13,000 feet and 38 peaks reaching past 12,000 feet, most all of which are part of the Continental Divide. However, those aren’t the only mountains in New Mexico and thus, not the only places to snowmobile.

There is a small range in the central part of the state between Alamogordo and Roswell as well as numerous mountains up north, where most of the state’s downhill ski areas are.

There are a half-dozen fairly defined riding areas in the state, stretching from near the bottom portion of New Mexico near Cloudcroft north to the New Mexico/Colorado border.

The major riding areas in this state of Enchantment are (from north to south): Chama, Red River, Angel Fire, Mt. Taylor, San Pedro Mountains, Jemez Mountains and Cloudcroft.
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