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    Recognizing that many Polaris Assault owners desire better deep snow performance, Tracks USA created an extension package lengthening the stock Switchback Assault 144-inch track to 159 inches. Package components include Tracks USA rail and tunnel extensions and a new Camoplast track made for Polaris Series IV 159 x 2.125 suspension. The complete package for 2011 and newer Polaris 144-inch Switchback Assaults retails for $555.

    Tracks USA also has packages to extend the Switchback 144-inch chassis to 151 or 155 inches.  The 151-inch package does not require tunnel extensions. The Switchback chassis is the same as the Polaris RMK chassis, so tracks up to 2.5-inch lug height can be used to make both sleds truly deep snow capable. 

    Extension packages for the 121-inch 2013 Indy 600 chassis permit either 136- or 144-inch track lengths. The Indy 600 chassis will accommodate up to a 2-inch lug track for deep snow performance. Package prices start at $679 and include a new Camoplast track and Tracks USA rail and tunnel extensions. 

    Tracks USA rail and tunnel extensions are the best selling in the world and are known for quality and durability. They have been used successfully by participants in snocross racing, the X Games, Cain’s Quest, the Alaskan Iditarod and by thousands of recreational riders. 

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