SG1 Handguard

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    Looking for a quick way to add hand protection and warmth? The PowerMadd SG1 is a soft-molded handguard that can be attached and removed quickly depending on riding conditions. The SG1 offers significantly more coverage than traditional plastic handguards. It is constructed of lightweight closed cell foam, which is both waterproof and extremely durable. Included is an innovative mounting system that uses the handlebar, wires and cables to secure the guard in place and keep it from rolling on the bars.

    Each SG1 handguard is 13x8x2.5 inches and  fits ATVs and snowmobiles alike. The handguard securely attaches and will not spin or rotate on the bars. Its unique mounting system is included in the kit.

    The MSRP of the SG1 handguard is $55. 

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