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    It was the winter of 1992-93 when Orion began its first year of production of rescue sleds. Eighteen years later and the company is still manufacturing rescue sleds based on the design of the original rescue sled. Many improvements have been made to its sleds, along with the addition of many options and other off road products for rescue, recreation and utility.


    All Orion rescue sleds and trailers feature a patented fully independent Diamond Link suspension. This suspension system compliments the suspensions of all snowmobiles and four wheelers manufactured today.


    With the introduction of the Moonwalker series sled, Orion now produces a much more affordable sled exclusively for freight and other cargo. The Moonwalker series sled features a unique suspension that functions as an independent suspension while in motion but is ridged when the sled is standing still.


    This is accomplished by its unique skis and mounting pivot points without springs and shocks absorbers.


    The Moonwalker series features a large 4- x 8-foot deck, stake pockets with removable sides, removal tongue, and UHMW plastic skis. The Moonwalker collapses down to a height of less than 6 inches by simply removing two bolts. Knocked down flat, the Moonwalker can be easily hauled on a loaded snowmobile trailer under a snowmobile lengthwise or under the tracks of two snowmobiles crosswise. This feature also allows for storage using up little space.

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