Goodyear Gatorback Sport Belt

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    New Goodyear Engineered Products Gatorback Sport snowmobile belts use reactive carbon fiber technology and top side cogs for a tough, flexible belt providing increased resistance to flex fatigue and “hour-glass” or sidewall wear—two issues that could potentially strand a rider out in the cold miles from home.


    Designed after the Gatorback Sport ATV belt, the continuous variable transmission or CVT snow belt uses carbon fiber reinforcement to add stiffness across the width of the belt. The carbon fiber reinforcement gives the sidewall superior wear resistance and ensures that the belt stays in contact with the pulleys.


    During strenuous use, the fibers rise to the surface of the compound, allowing slip without sacrificing belt wear. After the strenuous activity ceases, the surface fibers are wiped away, allowing the belt to provide quick and clear throttle response for more power precisely when it’s needed.


    The snow belt’s top-side cog feature differentiates it from the Gatorback Sport ATV belt, acting to relieve the tension and increase the belt’s flexibility. Gatorback Sport belts with carbon-fiber reinforcement have also proven to reduce hour-glass slippage when subjected to high torque spin-burn tests. It is offered in over 27 sizes built to fit specific sleds.

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