Arctic Cat Tunnel Dump Muffler

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    Speedwerx has designed and now has ready a Tunnel Dump Muffler for Arctic Cat M Series sleds.


    One of the primary purposes of the new muffler is to eliminate any bog riders might experience in deep powder when the deep snow plugs up the muffler on stock M Series mountain sleds. Stock Cat mufflers have a small shield that protects the muffler, which exits the sled out the wheel well behind the front suspension, but in deep powder, riders are finding it can get plugged up.


    The newly designed Speedwerx muffler exits out in the tunnel, near the right footwell, eliminating the problem of getting plugged up.


    An added bonus with the new Speedwerx Tunnel Dump Muffler is a weight savings of 12 lbs. vs. stock.


    On a recent ride in southern Colorado with Matt Entz (of Boondockers movie fame) he talked about the Speedwerx Tunnel Dump Muffler that he was testing. “With the stock muffler in deep snow, when I let off and got back into it, I’ve had the sled die,” Entz said. “I’d have to get the sled on the left side to let it clear out and breathe.


    “(With the new muffler) I can sidehill and turn to the right without any bog issue. No bog issue. Period.”


    Entz said it took him less than an hour to install, even without a template.


    The unit pictured is on Entz M8 and is an early prototype. The finished product will be a little more refined.

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