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January 26, 2012

SnoWest Steve Janes Blog - Jan 19th

Who’s Short On Power

            During the past few weeks we’ve been in the process of testing the 2012 800s in what we call our Deep Powder Challenge. And during that time, different members of the staff take all three 800s out with their various hand-select groups to gather rider impressions.

            This creates an interesting situation for me with my riding buddies. First, all of them ride 800s … and they ride them hard. So if I want to slip out with them while our demo 800 sleds are out on the Deep Powder Challenge, I need to pony up on one of our two 600s.

Naturally, I get that look from my buddies that the 600 just isn’t going to keep up with the 800s. And when you pour into the mix that my buddies average 20 years younger and with a lot more strength and energy than me, you can see that I do have some significant shortcomings.

However, one of my shortcomings isn’t the sled I ride. These new 600s will go almost everywhere the 800s will go. The only time I have issues is if it’s a long hard pull up a steep hill. But then, as long as I have a good track to follow, the 6 can usually make it. If not, I can always sidehill back and fourth for a while and find a way to break out on top.

On the plus side, after a 60-mile day cross country and through trees, I sure feel a lot more refreshed from riding the 6 than I do when I ride the 8.


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