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November 5, 2010

Big Game Games


As I write this month’s column
on Sept. 21, I really do
think September has to be one
of my favorite months.
It’s a month when Colorado
usually gets its first dusting of
snow, the itch to start riding
my sleds starts coming back
and I get to spend 20 or so
days chasing elk in the high
And that brings me to
something I was thinking
about this morning as I was
hiking out of this absolute hell
hole I got suckered into by a
small herd of elk. I couldn’t
help but think these elk were
probably just sitting there
laughing at me as I was falling
over logs, slipping on rocks
and cursing the predicament
I got myself into. But then it
occurred to me as I was mumbling
something about, “No
one in their right mind would
purposely want to be here,”
that this is probably the exact
feeling a lot of people have
when they come across one
of my groups’ tracks that start
off so innocently but end up in
the deep, dark abyss.
I often wonder how many
times another group of riders
gets caught following one of
these tracks and are certain
they are going to find a group
of snowmobilers left for dead
in the unforeseen death canyon
the sled tracks head into.
When I’m out with a group
I always have to remind people
that it’s called Burandt’s
Back Country Adventure for
a reason. I can’t count how
many times I’ve seen the
look on a client’s face where
he’s wondering if his wife has
worked out a deal with me to
collect on his life insurance
and I am taking him somewhere
he will never return
from. Boy is that a priceless
So I guess I finally got a
taste of my own medicine.
And in all honestly I think
I liked it. It’s good to be
humbled every once in a while
anyway. (Even if it’s by an animal
that can outsmart you in
the woods, but thinks it’s ok to
walk in front of your car on the
But on the bright side, I did
get a few more ideas on how
to really put some snowmobile
track in places where people
might say, “Why did they go
that way?”
Until next time,
Let it snow!

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