March 7, 2014

Summit T3 Deep Black Addition

Summit T3 Deep Black Addition

Ski-Doo announced today that it will offer Summit X T3 package models in a Deep Black with satin hood and red accents colorway for 2015 in addition to the Sunburst Yellow.

The Summit X T3 is a spring-only options package and features a 3-inch lug track in 163- or 174-inch lengths. 

Another color option has also been added for the Freeride, Renegade and MX X X-RS packages.

The Freeride will be offered in Manta Green with black accents in addition to the Manta Green / magenta colorway. 

The MX Z X-RS and Renegade models are now available in a Deep Black with satin hood and grey accents. 

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