February 6, 2014

Outdoor Therapy

A light, but steady snow fell all day long in the Franklin Basin.

We have been working way too hard in the office these past few weeks, what with all the deadlines and stuff that have been going on.

It got to the point where we almost forgot what it was like to snowmobile (at least some of us here in the office felt that way; others have been able to make it out fairly regularly).

We were in need of some outdoor therapy so we called our friend Shawn Atkinson (he owns Atkinson Upholstery in Logan, UT) and he said he could steal away for a day to go riding with us in Franklin Basin in southeast Idaho.

Aside from flat light—created by a light but steady snowfall all day—the riding was phenomenal. There was a couple of feet of new powder and while we rode most of the day, we just couldn’t track it all up.

It was a great day of outdoor therapy.

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