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Published online: Feb 25, 2014 New Products
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If you've ever broken a recoil rope while riding you'll appreciate this new product from Cobra Pull Cords. Cobra’s replacement recoil rope has a lifetime guarantee.

Cobra Cords are designed to never be replaced. Cobra Cords combine the highest performing fiber and coating technology to dramatically outperform the standard. Cobra Cord technology utilizes high performance fibers that have 25 times greater cut resistance and provide extreme strength.

Ultimately, these improvements have been found to be so great that Cobra Cord is able to guarantee this technology for the lifetime of the machine it is used on.

Cobra Cord is extending a discount to SnoWest readers. If you use discount code SNOWEST at checkout you will get 10 percent off.

Contact Cobra Cords (612) 229-4737 or

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