I Have Got To Get Me One Of These ...

If we all just chip in a little bit ...

Published online: Nov 12, 2013 News
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Who doesn't want a ghost town-and a remote one at that? We think the ghost town-in this instance Seneca, CA-would serve as a great base camp to explore the surrounding mountainous area either by four-wheeler/side-by-side or snowmobile.

Seneca, CA, just happens to be for sale on Craig's List. The asking price is $225,000. You may have already heard about this as it's been featured on some news stories in the past few days.

The words that jump off Craig's List ad to us are: "unique getaway" and "...the town is extremely remote" and "access is weather dependent" and "it is on a dirt road that is often unplowed."

Here's the actual Craig's List ad More pictures can be found on the Craig's List ad.

Here's the story from Newser Ghost Town.

It looks like a great place to go four-wheeling in the summer and an equally fun place to sled in the winter. If you search Google Earth for Seneca, CA, you can see the terrain surrounding the town. The 12-acre ghost town even has "three small rundown cabins." So it's a fixer-upper.

So, if we all just chip in a little, we can have this town for our own. Only serious off-roaders and backcountry sledders need apply. Afterall, we want to keep this to ourselves, right? 

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