First Ride: No Horsing Around With The '14 RMKs

Published online: Nov 25, 2013 News
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It might be a bit dramatic to say all the stars were aligned to make our first snowmobile ride of the season happen but things did work out quite nicely, to say the least.

We travelled to Pinedale, WY, to pick up our 2014 Polaris 600 and 800 Pro RMKs from Bucky's Polaris and made sure we had enough time on the trip to take the sleds out for a few break-in miles. Polaris advises sledders to take it fairly easy on the new RMKs for the first 100 miles as a break-in period.

So we left Pinedale, headed west towards the Sherman snowmobile parking area, unloaded and rode from there. We headed up North Horse Creek in the general direction of Blind Bull, snow getting deeper as we headed farther into the Wyoming Range. We climbed a few ridges, found fairly decent snow and explored while trying to "take it easy."

We did ride a little way on the yet-to-be-groomed snowmobile trail heading toward Blind Bull and found the snow in that area to be great for this time of the year.

The official snotel site at Blind Bull Summit (elevation 8,650 feet) showed 27 inches on the day of our ride (last Friday). There were still rocks and stumps showing and lurking just beneath the top of the snow, but it you were careful you could still play off-trail quite a bit.

We can't wait to go again.

To help tide us over, we took a few pictures from our ride.

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